Horseriding Facilities

Bring your own horse!

Adjacent to the cottage, there is a garage and three stables. From the cottage you will have a lovely view of the meadow and the horse-riding arena, so you can watch your horse whenever you like.

We also have a separate brush and wash place for your horse and ample parking space for your horse box trailer.  The surrounding countryside is ideal for excellent equestrian tours. The bridlepath is on your doorstep!

  • Paarden welkom
  • grote rijbak beschikbaar
  • .rijden in de bak
  • zicht op de stallen
  • mennen
  • binnen in de stal
  • drie stallen beschikbaar
  • paarden te zien vanaf terras
  • extra stal in de kapschuur


Riding lessons or guidance while riding a horse in the countryside.

Two experienced instructors live in our area:

  1. Jannie Russchen

(tel 06 338 99903) lives nearby in Roderesch and has a very sweet pony called Johnno, on whom small children – under the professional supervision of Jannie – like to ride in our horse arena.

  1. Marga Hingstman

(tel 06 219 31680) lives near us at the Kaatsweg. She has a lot of experience with horses. She allows experienced horseriders to ride on her Frisian horse Femmichje.  You can take a ride in the beautiful counryside of 1 to 2 hours under her supervision. In the summer a ride with her horse and carriage is also possible. A maximum of 3 people can join.

The rate is € 25 per hour for both Jannie and Marga.

Please call them for more information and  for an appointment.

Jannie and Johnno at work.
Marga and Femmichje with the carriage