From the holiday cottage you will have access to many scenic walks and attractive bike rides. If you can ride a horse, you will have a great start from home and there are many bridle paths in the area to choose from.

Drenthe has a varied landscape of woods, moorland and fields. It is well-known by cyclists for its many cycle paths that will take you through the most beautiful parts of the countryside. And you need not worry about cars at all, because the cycle paths are only for walkers and cyclists.

Please, take a look at the pictures of our points of interest and read the information at the bottom of the page.

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Drenthe is also well-known for its dolmen. A ten minute walk will take you to see one in Steenbergen. A dolmen is a burial mount created around 7000 years ago. Nowadays only the enormous stone skeletons remain.

hunebed Steenbergen 2        

Megalithic Routes:             There are 52 hunebeds or dolman in the province of Drenthe. From the  Hunebedcentre,  Bronnegerstraat 12, 9531 TG Borger which is a 40 minute drive from our holiday home, you can take many interesting walks through the varied local landscape, where you can experience 150,000 years of history. The Hunebed Museum itself is also very interesting. More information on:

For those who enjoy walking, there is the “Knapzakroute” right from our doorstep. It’s an interesting, varied walk full of surprises and pleasant restaurants on the way.  We’ve got the route ready for you!

Half an hour walk will take you to the town of Roden, which has an attractive centre with lots of terraces around the medieval church square. There are quite a few good quality restaurants and a lot of interesting shops.

In Roden, the stately home of Landgoed Havezate Mensinge is definitely worth a visit and children will enjoy the Children’s Farm, with the playground and lots of small animals to watch and pet.

Go and visit the romantic village green of Norg. And a fantastic bike ride of one hour will take you to the town of Veenhuizen with interesting places to visit like the Prison Museum and Zunneschien, the romantic garden where you can find your ideal retreat to have a tea and cake.

A ten minute bike ride will take you to the Rono Beach where you can swim and sunbathe whenever the weather is good. At the Leekstermeer you can hire a motorboat or canoe.

For children, the Family Park Nienoord in Leek cannot be missed. They will go down an enormous slide, hop on a helicopter, ride a tractor or a horse. Or take a ride through the woods on the miniature steam engine.

For a swim, go to the Swimming Castle right next to the Family Park or watch the largest collection of coaches in the Museum Nienoord.

From Roden there is a bus each half hour that takes you straight into the centre of the beautiful city of Groningen. It’s also called the Amsterdam of the North. Go to the Groninger Museum or take a boat trip along the city canals.

From our holiday home it’s only  a one hour drive to the coast to visit the Seal Care Centre     ( Street 94a, 9968 AG Pieterburen). Here you can watch how the seals are being cared for in such a way that they will be ready to be set free when they are healthy again. It’s very interesting to visit the Seal Care Centre. More information you can find on:

zeehonden creche

As your hosts, we are always willing to provide you with more detailed information.

A nice stroll from “The Bridlepath”