A visit to the Cemetery in Roden

Most visitors to the town of Roden would normally be shown around the 14th century Mensinghe estate with its picturesque moat. Visitors with young children might enjoy a trip to the toy museum, while nature lovers would appreciate taking in the vistas of Roden’s meadows, woodlands and Highland cattle grazed heath. Anglers and swimmers might opt for some time by one of Roden’s lakes where the water is so clean you could almost drink it. But if you like something a little bit different, I could take you to the local cemetery instead.

Roden’s cemetery is situated in a quiet corner on the outskirts of town. For centuries, Roden’s departed were interred at this verdant haven of peace, where only the sounds of woodpeckers and owls mark the passage from day to night and from night to day. Fragrant honeysuckle and lime tree blossoms mark the seasons, and Mother’s Day visitors and Christmas wreaths indicate the arrival of celebrations and holy days.

Nothing sums up the life and times of Roden like the graveyard: from fifties style tiles graves to sleek modern marble-and-glass architectural features – each one illustrating life in Roden through the ages. the cemetery in Roden will reveal to you the psyche of this town unlike any other venue.